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Understanding Cloud Chasing
Vaping apparatus are created to provide you with just the correct amount of vapor to get a pleasant inhale/exhale. As nicotine delivery systems, vapor mods are closed devices built having a particular level of performance in your mind.

However, an increasing amount of vaping enthusiasts have found themselves obsessed using the trend of cloud chasing, or attempting to create the vapor cloud that was largest potential. What started as a simple user want to fine-tune vapor amount has exploded into a national avocation that features tournament competitions.
What is Cloud Chasing?
Quite simply, cloud chasing is the craft of creating the biggest vapor cloud potential using a vaping apparatus. The apparatus cloud chasers use are altered; just as a racecar features high-performance parts to make sure dominance on the path, a cloud chaser's vaping device has been changed to create larger-than-customary vapor clouds.
Who's Competing?
Cloud pursuing competitions are open to anyone who would like to participate and are generally centered on local vaping shops. Many shops have monthly or weekly contests made to get the vaping community collectively and have a little bit of fun along the way. There are, nevertheless, more large scale competitions appearing as the trend catches on.

A recent competition in New York was known as the "X Games" of vaping by one competitor; yearly, nationwide events are popping up left and right.
How Do I Start?
Anyone can try their hand at cloud chasing, but it is very important to realize that changing a vaping apparatus includes particular safety concerns. You are putting yourself in danger of a lot of injuries or complications because you're essentially raising heat level inside the unit to a stage beyond just what the maker thought. It is best to attend until you are absolutely comfortable with your device and also the manner in which it functions try to make modifications. From there, keep in touch with a local vaping pro or swing by one of many websites dedicated to vaper modding in order to get advice on the best way to start.
Cloud chasing is an interesting tendency that will likely grow as vaping becomes more mainstream. Can you see yourself competing?